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Welcome to Physica Energetics


Physica Energetics is a Canadian based professional, natural remedy company providing licensed healing arts’ practitioners with pure, effective and sustainable, hand crafted, natural products.

We know that there are literally hundreds of nutritional, botanical and homeopathic companies worldwide, offering products according to their highest vision. Thank you for considering us.

Physica Energetics is clearly a unique company - “A breath of fresh air”.  We’re proud of that, particularly as we are now entering into this new era of health care with its dominant emphasis on integrative and preventative medicine.

Physica Energetics’ natural products are currently available throughout North America, United Kingdom, Europe, South and Central America, Australasia, Japan, Korea, China and India.

The products, about which you are to discover, emerged many years ago, through a deep respect and appreciation of time-honoured laws and principles.  Practitioners of all backgrounds will enjoy the artistic melding of ancient traditions and well researched, evidence-based science which provides the foundation for our products.

Physica Energetics offers a wide range of hand crafted, Spagyric botanical tinctures created from organic, wildcrafted or biodynamic farming sources as well as hand potentized homeopathic tinctures as per Hahnemann.

Our nutritional products also carry the signature of our personal concern for the well being of your patients. Together, these formulas draw inspiration from the natural medical approaches of Europe, North America, China (TCM), Tibet, Ayurvedic India, Australia, Russia, the Philippines, and South and Central America.

Practitioners, who may be new to this approach, will find these remedies integrate seamlessly into their existing practices as the Causal Chain Factors (organs, systems, etc., known to play a causative role in the condition being addressed) are included as embedded features within the formulas.

As a true professional remedy company, Physica Energetics only markets and sells to qualified health care practitioners who are required to provide a copy of their certification, license or diploma.

We’ve been anticipating this day as it brings us yet another step closer to fulfilling the purpose of our company, as revealed through the text and essences of this website.

We look forward to becoming an integral part of your practice and to the privilege and responsibility that it carries.

Healing for the Pattern of Life!


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